Sunday, September 2, 2007

October Notables and Famous Birthdays

Disability Awareness
Christopher Columbus
Jewish Holiday-Suddot
Fire Prevention
National Popcorn Month
National Computer Learning Month
National Hunger Awareness Month
National Book Month
National Breast Cancer Awareness Month
Caramel Month
Chili Month
Bake and Decorate Month
Cookie Month
Dental Hygiene Month
Depression Awareness Month
Down Syndrome Month
P. J.'s Month
Liver Awareness Month
Reading Group Month
Roller Skating Month
Seafood Month
Pastor Appreciation Month
Positive Attitude Month

10/1 International Day of the Older Person

10/2 Mahatma Gandhi
10/2 National Custodial Worker's Day

10/3 James Herriot
10/3 Balloons Around the World
10/5 Worldwide Teacher's Day
10/8 Columbus Day
10/8 National American Day
10/10 National Bring Your Teddy Bear to Work/School Day
10/10 Cake Decoration Day
10/15 National Grouch Day

10/16 Noah Webster
10/16 Dictionary Day
10/20 Sweetest Day
10/21 Sunday School Teacher Appreciation Day
10/27 Navy Day
10/28 National Chocolate Day
10/30 National Candy Corn Day
10/31 Halloween
10/31 Give Books as a Treat Day
10/31 National UNICEF Day

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jlshall said...

United Nations Day, October 24.