Sunday, September 2, 2007

November Notables and Famous Birthdays

Peanut Butter
Epilepsy Awareness
Mercian Diabetics Awareness

Diabetic Eye Disease Awareness
I Am So Thankful Month
Military Family Appreciation
National Aids Awareness Month
National Hospices
National Alzheimer Month

11/1 All Saints Day
11/1 Author's Day
11/1 Family Literacy Day
11/2 Daniel Boone
11/2 Marie Antoinette
11/3 National Tongue Twister Day
11/8 Margaret Mitchell
11/9 Child Safety Council
11/11 Veteran's Day
11/13 National Young Reader's Day
11/13 World Wide Kindness Day
11/14 Monet
11/14 Loosen Up, Lighten Up Day
11/14 National Teddy Bear Day
11/15 America Recycle
11/17 Homemade Bread Day
11/19 Indira Gandhi
11/21 Pumpkin Pie Day
11/22 J. F. K. Dies
11/23 You're Welcome/Giving Day
11/27 James Agee
11/28 C. S. Lewis
11/28 Louisa May Alcott
11/30 Mark Twain
11/30 Stay at Home Cause You Are Well Day
11/11-11/17 National Hunger and Homeless Awareness Week
11/12-11/18 Worldwide Kindness Week
11/16-11/22 National Farm and City Week
11/18-11/24 National Family Week
11/18-11/24 National Game and Puzzle Week
11/18-11/25 National Bible Week

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