Sunday, September 2, 2007

September Notables and Famous Birthdays

Back to School Month
Grandparent's Day
Labor Day
Native American Month
Hispanic American Month
Save the Tiger
National Honey Month
Fall Hat
International Self awareness Month
Library Sign-Up Month
Drug and Alcohol Awareness Month
Pleasure Your Mate
Skin Cancer Awareness

9/1 Libraries Remember Day

9/1 Patriot Day
9/3 Waffle Day
9/6 DO IT DAY- Fight Procrastination
9/7 Grandma Moses
9/7 Feel the Love
9/8 Library Day
9/8 Potato Day
9/9 Grandparents Day
9/13 Jewish New Year
9/15 Sing it Out Day
9/15 Eat an Apple Day
9/15 Wife Appreciation Day
9/16 Trail of Tears Commendation
9/17 Constitution Day
9/21 First day of Fall
9/21 POW/MIA Recognition Day
9/21 Yom Kippar
9/22 National White Chocolate Day
9/22 R. E. A. D. in America Day
9/23 Good Neighbor Day

9/24 F. Scott Fitzgerald
9/25 (1690) First Newspaper Published
9/26 National Women's Health and Fitness Day
9/26 Johnny Appleseed
9/28 (1857) Harriet Tubman Led Her Parents to Freedom
9/15-Oct 15 Hispanic Heritage Awareness
9/6-9/8 Popcorn Week

9/20 Upton Sinclair
9/16-9/22 Tolkien week

9/25 William Faulkner
9/26 T. S. Eliot
9/21-9/30 Religious freedom
9/23-9/30 Banned books-celebrate the freedom to read
9/23-9/30 Deaf Awareness Week

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